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Staying positive during the coronavirus

The Coronavirus is Affecting Us All

This past week has been difficult. For the USA & the entire world. What seemed like a horrible yet distant problem has now hit our home soil. And it’s affecting everyone in multiple facets of their lives. This problem sometimes feels like a bad dream! But it’s real life. And with all the restrictions placed on us, that seem to become more and more strict each day, we can’t run from the truth that coronavirus is a pandemic and has affected us all.

We have the chance to potentially save lives and keep our community safe by following the guidelines laid out for us. We also have an opportunity to thrive and live positively during the coronavirus. This post has ideas of how to have a positive attitude during this trying time. (You just gotta scroll down a bit)

How Much Can Change in A Week?

I’ve learned the answer is a lot when you are dealing with a global pandemic. With all of these changes being sprung upon us so quickly, we can’t help but have a bit of anxiety. I mean, literally a week ago, Ryan and I were still talking about going to Europe at the end of March. I had a PA school interview scheduled in Georgia on March 16th.

Now, there is a European travel ban. School and work are online. Church is canceled. Gatherings are limited to 10 people, and toilet paper and hand sanitizer are flying off the shelves (if there’s even any on the shelves anymore)! I mean who would have ever expected this. This issue is unprecedented territory. While anxiety of the unknown creeps in, we must focus on what we can control to stay optimistic and hopeful. We can thrive during this crisis; we don’t have to merely survive.

What We Can Do To Stay Positive

We can stay positive during the coronavirus by taking care of ourselves. I have been struggling to stay positive and not worry about my family, whether I’m fully prepared for a lockdown, and honestly, getting coronavirus or worse, giving it to someone more vulnerable. But after we’ve stocked our pantries with food, practiced social distancing, and said a prayer to keep our family safe, it’s out of our control. So let’s use this time to remain positive and use this unique time we have wisely.

1. Take Advantage of The Extra Time

One of my biggest excuses for not doing something is, “I don’t have time”. Through all of the changes, shutdowns, and social distancing we are experiencing, we have gained a lot of time. Time is a precious commodity (even more so than toilet paper, believe it or not ;)). It’s something many of us have wished for more of. Now it’s all about what we do with this extra time given to us.

The options are endless! Here’s just a few I’ve thought of:

Work on that household project, start a hobby, binge watch a TV show you’ve been wanted to, cook more, get organized, make a website, paint, learn how to play an instrument, call your family members/friends, work out more often (outside or at home).

2. Take Care of Your Body

Stay (or start) moving! If you have a home gym, use it. Walk or run outside. Right now, we have no restrictions about being outside! Take advantage. Being outside can significantly lift your spirit. I know it greatly helps me when I’m feeling down. Plus, Vitamin D from the sun is great for you.

If you are stuck inside, practice yoga or body-weight workouts. Exercise is therapy for me, and that has not changed during this pandemic. I have been feeling very anxious the past few days, and honestly, the more I’ve moved my body and stayed active, the better I’ve felt.

Eat well. Not only will eating well help your immune system, you will feel better too! As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine”. No better time to start eating better than now. Plus, you likely have more time to cook and research new recipes right now. It could be a fun hobby!

3. Stay Busy

This kinda goes with the first point. Take advantage of this extra time by doing things you enjoy or would enjoy but haven’t had the chance to do. It doesn’t do well to obsess and read hours and hours of news articles about the virus. I did that for a few days, and it was honestly exhausting, discouraging, and anxiety-provoking.

It’s also important to maintain a schedule and have some sense of normalcy! While watching Netflix is fun, you’re eventually going to feel very bored and unproductive if it’s your entire day.

Instead, try one of these things!

  • Work on your favorite hobby
  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Do a house project
  • clean and organize
  • Watch something you’ve wanted to but haven’t had the time
  • Work out
  • Do yoga
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Have a movie night
  • Facetime or call friends and family
  • Cook more
  • Paint
  • Decorate
  • Take your dog on more/longer walks
  • The list goes on and on but those are some ideas off the top of my head!

4. Have Faith

For me, I find peace by reading scriptures, praying, and having faith in God. For others, this may look different, but it’s definitely important to take care of our souls right now! Have faith that we will make it through this. Even find the good in this situation. Whether that’s more time with family/people in your household, more time with your pets, more time to sleep and do whatever you want… there’s a lot of freedom we have right now with basically being handed time.

5. Stay Connected

Don’t forget about others that are not in your home that you love! We may currently be physically distanced from many people, but we still have technology to keep us close. We can reach out to almost everyone we could want to through text, phone calls, and FaceTime. Stay connected.

Spend more time with the people in your household, too. Build those relationships and strengthen them. Take advantage of this extra family time! I know I’m excited to have more time with Ryan, even if it’s mostly doing school work together. 

We Can Stay Positive

positive girl throwing snow

This time is hard, but it’s also unique. And we can take this crazy, hard, weird, unique time to our advantage! Let’s stay positive and realize this time will pass. This is our life right now. We only have so much time here on earth, so let’s live every day to the fullest. Even in quarantine. I would love to hear other ideas on how to stay positive during this time in the comments!

P.S. If you are looking for some fun board games to play during this time, check out this blog post for The Best Games for A Grown-up Game Night.

Stay safe, healthy, and positive.



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