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Golden Star Beauty: The Best Self Tanner I’ve Ever Used and a 15% Off Discount Code!

Why I Love Golden Star Beauty

Golden Star Beauty Self Tanner is fantastic, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

First off, this self tanner is unlike so many others! It does not make you look orange! I don’t know what the secret is, but I do know that it WORKS.

The self-tanner comes with instructions and includes tips about how to avoid becoming orange! One of those tips is to avoid putting on too much self-tanner during the application process. This is so important because everyone wants to look like they just came off a beach vacation not out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory 😜

The instructions completely guide you through the application process. These instructions were very reassuring to me because I was nervous about whether my tan would be even and brown! I followed the directions and the next day I awoke to a dark, even tan all over my body.

Also, the tanner is made with organic ingredients, which makes me feel like I’m not harming my body while putting it on my skin.

I’m so glad that I found this natural looking self-tanner! It’s the perfect way for me to keep my skin looking bronze and glowing all year long & also avoid the sun damage.

Using Golden Star Beauty has seriously changed my lifestyle around tanning and is making my skin so much healthier by limiting my sun exposure! No more sunspots and no premature aging!

Read on to learn more about which products I use and why I use self-tanner in the first place! Use the code Kiersten015 at checkout on Amazon to get a 15% discount off your order! (By clicking the links below, I receive a small commission from your order, & I would really appreciate the support!) Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, shipping is quick & free!

Self Tanner Lotion with Tanning Mitt

Self-Tanner Face Serum

The Products I Use

Golden Star Beauty sent me the self tanner lotion with tanning mitt, self-tanner face serum, and the self-tanner dry oil. So far, I’ve used (& loved) the self tanner face serum and self tanner lotion with tanning mitt, so that’s what I’m reviewing here!

Self Tanner Lotion with Tanning Mitt

I love this self-tanning lotion! It makes my entire body bronze without looking orange. I apply the tanner using the included mitt, which ensures that your hands don’t turn orange and reveal your self-tanning secret. 😉 The lotion creates an even tan even all over my body, even if I don’t place precisely even amounts on all parts of my body. I have received so many compliments on how bronze I look from this lotion! People are shocked when I tell them it’s from the self-tanner. I cannot recommend it enough. I apply this lotion once every 3 to 4 days to keep my skin tan and glowing while still looking natural.

Self-Tanner Face Serum

I love this face serum! I have sensitive skin, especially on my face, and the serum does not bother my face at all! I use 3 to 4 pumps every 3 days. I add the serum to my cheeks, forehead, and bridge of my nose first (as it says to in the instructions because this is where your face naturally tans). Then, I spread the serum on the rest of my face. I wake up the next day with a bronze, glowing face and don’t even need to worry about putting face makeup on! I apply this serum every 3 days to keep my face looking bronze. I love this product and HIGHLY Recommend it.

Other Self-Tanners Failed Me

I’ve used self-tanners before and I never ended up with that golden-bronze look I hoped for. Instead, I was left with an unnatural, orange tan that slowly faded into a decent-looking glow that. So instead of using sunless tanner, I turned to tanning outside and the occasional spray tan for special events.

Why Self-Tanner?

I tanned naturally pretty well, and so I ended up with that dark brown tan that many girls wish for. I felt blessed to have skin that tanned so well, and never thought of the sun damage that could result from catching so many rays, until…

My Realization That I Needed To Protect Myself From The Sun

Sunspots from many years of sun exposure and not enough sun protection 🧴

This all changed after last summer. I noticed that after spending two weeks in Hawaii and soaking up the sun using minimal sunscreen, small sunspots began to form on my cheeks. They weren’t anything horrible, but enough to catch my attention. I realized I needed to be more cautious about my time outside and shield myself from the damage of UV rays.

I accepted my pale and pasty self for the frigid Utah winter, but as summer time emerged, I tried to keep away from the sun. My sister-in-law remarked to me one day, “you aren’t as tan as you normally look”. I knew that was true because I was guarding myself against the sun, but I felt so much more confident (especially without makeup!) when I had tan skin. 

And Then I Found The BEST Self-Tanner

My skin the day after using Golden Star Beauty

Right at that time, I found Golden Star Beauty self-tanner! I tried it out with low expectations because of the previous self-tanners I had used and was blown away. The next day, I received several compliments about how dark I looked! And I didn’t step out into the sun once the day before! 

*Note: I was given this self-tanner by Golden Star Beauty as an ambassador for their products. I am truly impressed by this self-tanner and would not be recommending it if I didn’t love it and use it myself regularly!

Once again, click the links in this post to order this fantastic self-tanner for 15% off with the code Kiersten015! Feel free to comment below or email me at with any questions you have!

Happy tanning!



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